COVR is staffing made simple. Set your ideal schedule based on key metrics and let employees fill in the shifts.

Available on every device.




Make the perfect, automated staffing plan with our robust back office. Base your staffing plan on key metrics like sales figures, call volume, occupancy rates or any metric that fits your business.

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Your perfect schedule is published out to everyone so you and your employees can add, view and trade shifts in an Uber-like marketplace.



Sit back and watch as you and your employees collectively fill in the needed shifts so every hour of your workday is filled.

People love us.

"COVR has changed the way we do business, our employees are happier and our profits have dramatically increased"

-Simon Lancaster, Health Care Administrator

"COVR has literally changed our lives dramatically, what a perfect work/life balance solution."

-Peggy Mares, Staff Scheduler

"Say goodbye to spreadsheets and calendars, this is the new and only way to do staffing"

-Yrene Smith, Small Business Owner


Schedule like a pro.

It's like having a virtual genius help you staff your business.


Our virtual assistant lets you know of staffing conflicts and overtime issues for every single employee, you just drop names into shifts and let the virtual assistant do all the hard work.

Schedule with data.

Finally the data you have been dreaming of. See live data about how staffing is affecting your business. And we mean current data as in today.

Import payroll

Integrate with your current payroll system to see planned vs. actual results.


Gamify shifts with badges and stars to reward your employees.


You know that guy that works late every night and is always willing to cover for someone that is sick. Well, he deserves a reward. Now you can with COVR. See who your top performing employees are and give them rewards inside the app. 



Our system is ready for it all.

Our system is ready to adapt to your industry. COVR is ready for healthcare, temp agencies, call centers, restaurants, factories, hotels and many more.